Mom's are wise. It's a simple but true statement. Sometimes we learn early, sometimes we learn late and sometimes we learn when it's too late. I know how fortunate I am to have a mother like mine. She's not only wise but she's kind and compassionate too.

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My mom, Donna Pitcher is celebrating her birthday this Saturday, June 13th. There are many names for mom including mama, mum, or mommy. I call her "Masquaw." Why? You can find out at the end.

So as I was mentioning, moms are wise. How wise? This wise:

Mom teaches us about the weather: Your room looks like a hurricane went through here.

Mom teaches us wisdom: If you looked with your eyes and not with your mouth, you might find it.

Mom teaches us about religion: You better pray that will come out of the carpet...In all seriousness, I'm extremely grateful for the Christian upbringing that my mom (and dad) gave me. They have been faithful Christ-followers and there is no better gift than that. It's a gift that makes a difference in this life...and the next.

So why do I call her "Masquaw?" I originally got the name from the comic strip "Redeye." My mom and dad were the leaders of the Methodist Youth Fellowship in Warren Center, Pa. One day, we were asked, "How do you know that you're loved."

My mom's answer was, "When I'm called Masquaw." After that, everyone called her that and I still call her that today. Happy birthday, Masquaw.

So what wise advice has your Mom, Mommy, or Masquaw given to you over the years. have for you?

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