What if you came from another planet and everything you learned came from watching television? The first thing that you might want to do is leave because you would think that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Okay, that's a story for another day.

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If you were from another planet, you would also think that Dads are bumbling fools that can't seem to get anything right. Watch almost any TV show or commercial and you'll see what I mean. They have been "chickified" and are not the leaders of their households. It's sad really that they are being portrayed that way.

I'm happy to say that my dad, Carl "Bugs" Pitcher is not like that at all. I call him "Pops" and he's a strong man that is not only a leader but an inspiration to me. He's a quiet man with a dry sense of humor and today, December 8th is his 79th birthday.

Growing up, he (along with my mom) lead the Methodist Youth Fellowship group and was my Little League coach. I've always said that if I could be half the father for my kids that he was, then I would be a success.

He's a man of faith, a leader, and a man of integrity that I respect more and more as time has gone by. There is only one perfect Father and I'll meet him someday but for now, I'm fortunate enough to have a dad that isn't that far behind. Happy Birthday, Pops.

I know Thanksgiving has come and gone but I continue to thank God that my dad is the man that's made a difference in my life. He's not Al Bundy or Homer Simpson and that is perfectly okay with me.

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