We've all heard that the gift of laughter is the best medicine...especially if we don't have a co-pay. So on my birthday, I'm going to give you the gift (of laughter) but I can't promise that the medicine won't taste like Castor Oil.

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Besides with all the crazy things that continue to swirl all around us, if I can bring a chuckle, smirk or smile then I've done an alright job. As you can tell, I'm not setting the bar very high.

Now that I'm over 55, you would think that I would be getting older and wiser but I figure that one out of two ain't bad. Here are some things that I've learned over the years.

What I've Learned As I Get Older

Now that I've finally got my head together, everything else is falling apart. I reached for the shampoo and pulled a muscle in my shoulder. I also hurt my back because I was eating too fast at the Chinese Buffett. It was all-you-can-eat and I was eating like I was on a timer. I'm not really sure why I was in a hurry.

I started out with nothing and I still have it. Although now that I'm getting older, it doesn't bother me as it used to.

You know that you're getting older when you are told to slow down by your doctor and not the police. 

I spend more of my time thinking about the hereafter. I go somewhere to get something and then wonder what I'm HERE AFTER. Although as a Christ-follower, the hereafter is actually something to look forward to.

Jokes About The Family

Everyone laughs at this except my mother, she always say's "Glenn Emerson" when I pass this along. Besides Tara, I also share my birthday with my sister Michelle and my Uncle Dale Pitcher. When I'm asked why I think we were all born on November 3rd,

I reply that if you do the math, you'll know how the Pitchers like to spend Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day weekend. GLENN EMERSON, TMI!

Finally, I'll leave you with something that certainly makes me smile. A few years ago, Tara told me how special it was to share a birthday with me and not everyone is so lucky. I know how lucky I am and it's very special to me too.

Earlier this year, I celebrated 25 years at 98.1 the Hawk, and here is what our listeners had to say. To which I say to them "THANK YOU."

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