Thanksgiving isn't even cold yet and we've already moved on to the next holiday. Ready or not, Christmas season is here and with it comes the mad rush to make sure gifts are bought for everyone on our lists.

I used to live for this time of year and was the consummate bargain hunter, but I've gotten older. And becoming a mom has made me tired. So tired. At this point, I'd rather stay home in my fuzzy pajamas and buy gifts from the pages of a magazine or with the click of a mouse than fight crowds of people who shove and push.

It looks like I'm not alone in wanting to avoid the holiday shopping chaos- the men in my life feel my pain. The National Retail Federation found that 78% of men think holiday shopping is more stressful than going to the DMV.

When I asked my husband his thoughts (he's been to the DMV, and he's been holiday shopping), Jay agreed that he'd much rather hang out at the DMV which says a lot. I guess it depends on what DMV office you go to what your experience will be. I've been to some pretty awesome DMV offices where I was in and out, and then I've been to others where I stood in line or sat in the waiting area, wishing I were getting a root canal instead.

While I wasn't all that surprised about men rather be at the DMV than the department store, I was surprised to learn that women, more so than men, shop online. While I do like online shopping, my husband definitely buys more things online than I do.

Want more? The National Retail Federation found that more men do their shopping online during the major retail discount days which are Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

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