Happy Thanksgiving! Today is the day when we get to sit down with the people we love and eat way too much of our favorite foods. Since your mouth is full anyway, it might be a good idea to avoid talking about the awkward conversations that will come up.

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If you're not sure what things you should do your best to not talk about today, the people at BetOhio.com did a Thanksgiving survey in New York, and they found out which topics you might want to avoid today.

Family Drama: Recipe for Disaster

Ah, family disputes. It's practically a Thanksgiving tradition, right? According to the survey, 65% of New Yorkers say family disputes should be off-limits during the meal. We all love our relatives, but let's keep the peace and save the arguments for another time. Pass the gravy, please!

Politics: Pumpkins and Politics Don't Mix

This could end a friendly-family get-together in a hurry...unless that's what your looking for. I'm talking about the U.S. Presidential Election next year. It really isn't a surprise that politics ranks high on the list of topics to steer clear from.  Nearly 55% of New Yorkers say it's a good idea to stay away from the political minefield.

Controversial News: Don't Stir the Potatoes

Controversial current events and news are not the best seasoning for a Thanksgiving dinner. About 44% of New Yorkers agree that it's best to keep discussions about sensitive or divisive topics off the dinner table.

Religion, Money, Relationships, Work, and Health: Tread Gently

The survey revealed that topics like religion, money, relationships, work, and health should be tip-toed around. 25-32% of those surveyed said that it's better to avoid discussing these subjects during Thanksgiving mealtime. Today should really be a time to focus on gratitude and happiness, Let's save the deeper talks for another day...or at least until the football games get underway.

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