Thanksgiving is here and that means it's about time to gather around the table with the people we love to enjoy a delicious meal. Have you ever wondered what the very best Thanksgiving leftovers are according to New Yorkers?

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According to a new survey, the very most popular Thanksgiving leftover (according to New Yorkers) is roast turkey, 56% of them say that's what they reach for first when they need a 4th plate.

Coming in as the 2nd most favorite Thanksgiving leftover with New Yorkers pie. It also came in at 56%  and that means we just can't resist a slice of warm apple pie after a hearty Thanksgiving meal?

The survey also found some other interesting things about how New Yorkers celebrate turkey day. When do you like to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner? 26% of New Yorkers said the most popular time to sit down is between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. It seems like New Yorkers prefer to have a late lunch rather than an early dinner., doesn't it?

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Now, let's talk about the conversations that New Yorkers should avoid during Thanksgiving dinner. The #1 topic people want to stay away from is family disputes, with 65% of the survey participants voting against that topic.

It's probably for the best to keep the peace and focus on enjoying the delicious food and good company...and a afternoon nap. If you find yourself in New York this Thanksgiving, make sure to savor that leftover turkey and enjoy a peaceful and joyful meal with your loved ones!

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