If you listen to the Hawk Morning Show with Glenn & Traci, then you've probably heard Tezza on the show with us. Tezza was born and raised in upstate New York and went to Maine-Endwell High School. She currently resides in Nashville where she is making a name for herself in the country music scene.

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So what's next for Tezza? Well, buckle-up because this gal is about ready to take-off like a rocket ship and you don't want to miss it. So picture this, rhinestone space suits, lime green neon, and a catchy melody that you can't get out of your head.

We are talking about the brand new music video for TEZZA's current song "Mercury Rising." When we say taking off, we aren't kidding. "Mercury Rising" has reached over 2.2 MILLION streams, racking up features on CMT, Fox News, and has earned a spot on Spotify's biggest country playlists.

When Tezza was asked about the video, this is what she said: "It was so much fun to see and feel the spacesuits come to life under the bright flashing lights. We went from neon green to metallic silver. Everything went without a "hitch"...unless we're talking about on a rocket!"

Here's some more great news: The official video for "Mercury Rising" is debuting today, November 20, on CMT but you don't need to wait because you can see it here RIGHT NOW!

We are so proud of Tezza and we can't wait to see what happens next as she continues flying to the top.

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