If you listen to the Hawk Morning Show with Glenn & Traci, then you've probably heard Tezza on the show with us. Tezza was born and raised in upstate New York and went to Maine-Endwell High School. She currently resides in Nashville where she is making a name for herself in the country music scene.

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Tezza opened for Granger Smith at Touch of Texas in Binghamton and for Hunter Hayes at Spiediefest. She has also toured across the United States and has performed at Nashville's annual CMA FEST.

Tezza is on her way up and we are so thankful that she's asked us to take the journey with her. Recently, Tezza released her debut song "Around The Truth" and 98.1 the Hawk was the first radio station in the world to play the single.

Now, we have even more exciting news to share. Tezza's official music video for "Around The Truth" has been released and Tezza has asked us to share it with you.

When asked about her video, Tezza told us that she came up with the concept and wanted it to have an artsy, vibey, and fashion-forward feel. Tezza also explained that she wanted the video to mirror the song lyrics with intimate shots while creating a spinning, moving, and twisting sensation.

The "Around The Truth" music video will be featured on CMT on Friday, May 22, and will also be featured on the CMT website. Keep up with what Tezza is doing by following her on Instagram and  Facebook.

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