A few weeks ago I featured a country salute to the father of modern country Hank Williams so this week we salute the son who stepped out and stood out with his own brand of country.

When country legend Hank Williams died at the age of 29 in 1953, his son was three and a half, so his legendary dad was just a faded memory augmented through stories, film and music.

Born Randall Hank Williams, he started out singing his daddy’s songs and was kind of a novelty act, the next best thing, but all that changed in 1964 when Randall provided the voice of his dad in a major motion picture titled ‘The Hank Williams Story”

His musical career was pretty much imitating his dad until the 1970’s but he had many influences from his childhood when people like Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis would come to his house and teach him various techniques.

Hank was nearly killed in the mid 70’s during a climbing incident which left him scarred, he grew a beard and wears dark glasses to cover up the scars.

The late 70’s and early 80’s saw Hank Jr sore to the top of the country charts with some of his best and most memorable songs like ‘Born to Boogie’, and ‘All My Rowdy Friends are Coming Over Tonight’

Hank was fired from Monday Night Football for his remarks about President Obama, but he will return this season with his Monday Night Football theme based on his 1985 hit All My Rowdy Friends.

In 2015 some of country’s biggest stars along with Hanks good fiend Kid Rock, hosted a tribute to the man known as Bocephus, the legendary Hank Williams Jr.

Here it is my Got Ya Covered Video of the Week, country stars salute Hank Jr.


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