I was surprised to learn how many popular country songs were actually done before, so I created a weekly feature called Doug’s Got Ya Covered’ video of the week.

Darius Rucker had a previous music career in pop muisc back in the 1990’s with Hootie and the Blowfish, he changed his music genre and began releasing country albums in the new millennium .

His big breakthrough came with the release of the 2013 album ‘True Believers” which gave him his first number one hit “Wagon Wheel’

However the song was not an original song, co-written by one of the legendary songwriters of all time Bob Dylan.

The Old Crow Medicine Show put their take on the song in 2001 and saw platinum by the time Darius Rucker’s version hit the charts.

The Dylan version is kind of raw, not much production, just Bob and his acoustic guitar.

Here is my  ‘Got Ya Covered” video of the week, Darius Rucker with ‘Wagon Wheel’

Also check out both Old Crow Medicine Show and Dylan version of the songs.






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