The song was written by Billy Joel for his 1989 album storm front, his version just touched the top 40, find out what country legend took it all the way to number one two years later.

Garth tells the story of how he was entered into one of those compact disc clubs of the month, and they kept sending him cd’s because he wasn’t home to cancel the order, so Garth came home after a tour to find a bunch of CD’s in his mail.

One of the cd’s was Billy Joel’s album ‘Storm Front’ which was recorded after his huge album days of the late 70’s.

Garth had always liked Billy Joel and really liked the album, there was one song he really liked, but he was hesitate to record a version because he didn’t know if Billy was going to release it as a single.

When Garth finally reached out to Billy Joel about recording the song, Billy was honored that he wanted to do his own version.

Garth included his version of the song on his 1991 album ‘Ropin’ The Wind’ and the song soared to number one.

In 2008 Billy Joel did two shows at the soon to be closing Shea Stadium, he included many famous artists during those two nights, and Garth Brooks was one of those that joined Billy on the stage.

Here’s this week’s ‘Got Ya Covered’ Video Garth Brooks w/ Billy Joel performing ‘Shameless’



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