There’s something to be said about being happy in your job. It truly makes me so sad when I see people who are miserable where they work and because of workplace misery, they literally live their lives like sad little robots, just going through the motions every day. This is no way to live life. I mean, if you hate where you work, why put yourself through unnecessary torture? Why settle? You deserve better!

If you’re not happy in your job, you really might want to do something about it and you might want to do it right away, like before you get any older. According to NDTV, there's a chance that people who aren’t happy with their job in the late 20s and 30s might be at a much higher risk for suffering from depression and sleep problems when they hit their 40s.

Ask yourself this: is staying in an awful job at a young age really worth what your older self might be put through? The people who conducted the research say that your job satisfaction has a small impact on your physical health, but the way it impacts your mental health is huge.

Another thing that has a big impact on your life is the direction of job satisfaction, whether it’s getting better or worse in your early career ends up impacting your health in a big way when you’re older. Just something to think about.

[via NDTV]

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