Binghamton is buzzing and the sun is coming out (kind of), and baseball season is right around the corner.

Tim Tebow has taken Broome County by storm and is giving our Binghamton Rumble Ponies some national attention.

One of the best aspects of professional sports is either cheering or jeering a certain player or team. Unless it’s the Yankees where you get some negative calls if you bash them.

Tim Tebow is a polarizing figure and is strong in his morals and we all SHOULD root for the guy to succeed.

Arguably one of the greatest college football players in history, Tebow has taken a ton of criticism over his career but has continually persevered.

Tim is extremely open about his faith. He is a follower of Christ and puts his Christian values at the forefront of his life. Critics and “experts” have used this forwardness to criticize his play and off the field actions. Tim has never let it affect him and he has continued to be successful while keeping his beliefs an integral part of his.

Tim is a former Heisman Trophy winner and multiple time college football national champion, yet was dubbed “too small” or “isn’t able to throw the ball accurately.”

Tim took these criticisms and turned them into motivation. Tebow was eventually drafted into the NFL and even won a playoff game! He did not let the talking heads around him affect his play.

Tim also gives back to communities. Tebow has visited hospitals and donated to charities. Just last week he told local news outlets that he plans on putting smiles on children’s faces right here in Binghamton.

Finally, Tim is the prime example of just going for it. Tim hadn’t touched anything baseball related in years, and now at 30-years-old he’s jumping onto the field with minimal experience. People have called him crazy or too old, but he keeps proving them wrong.

Some people may disagree with me on rooting for Tim Tebow. You are entitled to think what you want, you are a paying fan of the Rumble Ponies.

Just keep in mind: You may just be the negativity Tim uses to succeed…..again.

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