According to a report from News Channel 13 a lost, cold, pajama-wearing 18-month-old baby is safe after what is being called 'divine intervention'.   The shocking incident captured on a home surveillance camera could have been devastating but miraculously was not.   Two individuals have been arrested.

In the exclusive video from News Channel 13, you can see clearly the lost and confused baby seen wandering around the home of Kara Wager.  The baby appeared on the doorstep of her home in Athens (about 40 miles south of Albany) on Sunday morning. It  appears from the surveillance video that he may have been outside, alone for quite some time wearing only pajamas.

According to the report, Wager thinks that the finding the boy, unharmed, was some sort of divine intervention.  Terrain in the neighborhood is rugged, mountainous and certainly dangerous and the little boy could have easily slipped and fallen into a nearby steep drop, according to the report. 

According to News Channel 13's Kumi Tucker, state police have arrested two individuals for endangering the welfare of the child.

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