Groundhog Makes Prediction Of Our Winter Fate
Before PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) shuts down the annual tradition of Punxsutawney Phil, attempting to replace him with some sort of artificial intelligence version, the furry groundhog got his hustle on perhaps one last time. Phil churned out yet another prediction indicating how…
Lost Baby Miraculously Appears Outside Local Home [VIDEO]
According to a report from News Channel 13 a lost, cold, pajama-wearing 18-month-old baby is safe after what is being called 'divine intervention'.   The shocking incident captured on a home surveillance camera could have been devastating but miraculously was not.   Two…
Get A 99 Pack Of This Popular Beer
Just when you thought no one could possibly know what to get you for the holidays, a popular beer has come out with a ninety-nine pack. Yup a ninety-nine pack of one of the most popular beers. It's only available in a few states and New York is one of them.
Beware! Holiday Gift Cards Top For Scammers
Gift cards have become the biggest seller for the holidays. I know I love to give gift cards because they are convenient and it gives the recipient the option to buy what they want. Beware though because scammers are targeting gift cards this holiday season.
Get Help With Your Heating Bills
We haven't even started the winter yet and it's already been bitter cold. It looks as if we are in for a long cold, snowy winter. There are millions of dollars available in heating assistance for all New Yorkers that qualify.

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