Governor Cuomo's message on Tuesday was heard loud and clear by the entire state of New York, and we agree: It's time to bring back the arts.  Whether it be live music, the arts or a comedy show, the Governor announced on Tuesday what many had been speculating for days in regards to their return.   Not only did he talk about such events as a necessity for economic growth and stability, but he also outlined a specific target date as to when they might come back.

For the last 10 months or so, Capital Region residents have gone without many of the things we once took for granted.  These things vary depending on the person you ask, but the days of easy-breezy living freely as we once did seems irrevocably changed. Perhaps the biggest question we seem to be asking these days is "when will we ever get concerts back?"

On Tuesday, according to News 10 ABC, the Governor announced that "state-funded outdoor pop-up events across New York that will start as soon as February 4."  This was good news for those longing to see a show, not to mention all the artists and performers who want to work and need to work.

According to the New York Times, Cuomo discussed a partnership that could possibly include "statewide pop-up concerts" featuring 150 artists such as Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, Renée Fleming, and Hugh Jackman according to the source.

“We must bring the arts back to life,” the Governor said.  Adding,  "what is a city without social, cultural, and creative synergies?”

Things are slowly but surely trending back to normal, and with that comes hope.  How you define "normal" is up to you.  For some, the Governor's acceptance of Bills fans - albeit in small numbers - back inside the stadium for a playoff game was surely a welcome sight.  For many others, the return of the concerts, shows, and events in the Capital Region may have the largest overall impact of all on our personal health and well-being in addition to revitalizing the economy.

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