Let me preface this blog by saying, I adore Thanksgiving. I love the parades, the food, the wine, the family time. That being said all the food is better on Black Friday.


You might be saying to yourself you are crazy! I may be, but let me defend myself. The day after Thanksgiving becomes a whole new feast.


You can have the turkey day leftover for every meal! Take those mashed potatoes and make them into pancakes and BOOM you have potato pancakes for breakfast next to your eggs. Or have another slice of pie or two for breakfast.


Lunch becomes a whole new experience. I love making turkey salad. I’ll use some mayo, maybe a little wasabi, a ton of fresh cracked black pepper. Then you take your turkey deli salad and put it on a nice leftover dinner roll or that amazing rye bread that Grams always bring.


Dinner is the main event. You can have the entire feast once again, or let your mind wonder into the world of the “Gobbler.” The gobbler is two pieces of bread, cranberry sauce, a little mayo (a must have), turkey reheated in its own gravy, and stuffing. The key here is the “moist maker!” If your are a fan of the show Friends you know what I’m talking about. It’s an extra piece of bread soaked in gravy placed in the middle of the sandwich. It will change your life.


Feel free to argue with me, but leftovers are just my thing. I can always extend Thanksgiving for a few days this way.

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