Ah yes, the holiday season is upon us, it's a time of cheer, gift-giving, getting together with friends...and crowded stores.

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Have you ever wondered what it's really like for the hardworking people in the retail and hospitality sectors? A recent survey by Deputy let us in on how employees in New York handle the holiday rush.

Short-Staffed and Slightly Grinchy

According to the survey, Over 70% of employees in the Big Apple believe that their workplaces are about as understaffed as Santa's toy shop on Christmas Eve. That could bring out the scrooge to anyone's holiday spirit!

With all the pressure they feel, it's no surprise that job satisfaction takes a big dive down during this time of year. The survey says there's a huge 16.6% drop in employees feeling all warm and fuzzy about their jobs. Yikes!

Money Talks, Bonuses Sing

Holiday bonuses? Sign us up! Turns out, over 35% of employees in New York say monetary rewards are the best way their bosses can show some appreciation. Extra cash in the pocket during the holidays? Yes, please!

Let's not forget about time off because nearly 40% of workers say they would be happy to do those long shifts for a little extra me-time. But hey, a simple "good job" or a shoutout for our hard work is a good a good place to start and it can go a long way too. Bosses, take note!

Customers, Santa Needs Your Patience

We get it, holiday shopping can be stressful so please be patient with the employees! 65% of workers in the Empire State say that a little extra kindness and understanding from customers would make their workday a little brighter.

And this is sad. 92.5% of these employees feel that customers are getting a bit grumpier during the holiday season. Let's spread some cheer instead!

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