This time of year is usually really exciting for sports fans. The NCAA tournament would be well underway by now, and the NHL and NBA games would be more meaningful now with the playoffs right around the corner.

For baseball, spring training would be wrapping up with the regular season starting in just a couple of days. But the Coronavirus has changed all that.

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I understand the reason they don't want mass gatherings and all of the for mentioned sports would definitely pack the arenas and baseball fields with thousands of people, so I get it. But, sports are usually one of the things that people enjoy to forget about the world's problems for a while.

While flipping through the channels on Sunday, I saw an NCAA game from four years ago, a golf tournament from two years ago, no NBA, no hockey, and even NASCAR wasn't racing yesterday.

I guess watching reruns of sporting events is better than no sporting events at all. Hopefully we will get through this pandemic sooner rather than later and everyone can get on with their lives including sports fans.

If you want to watch some previously played NFL games, check this out.

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