Some kids have a favorite stuffie that they need in order to go to bed. Some kids need a drink of water, a song, a story, or a backrub. My son needs his "kid on the moon blanket."

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My son will turn six this month and so for the better part of his life, I've been sharing with him stories of amazing kids at St. Jude and of the incredible team there working so hard to save young lives. I've made friends with so many St. Jude parents and patients and people who work behind the scenes and I love to share their stories with my son.

Four years ago I walked through the doors of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis and my life was changed in profound ways. You know the feeling that zaps you straight down to your toes when the lightbulb goes off about something and you just want to shout its amazingness from the rooftops? That's how I felt four years ago when I walked out of the doors of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and it is exactly the same feeling I have today.

My son has the same conviction in his heart that I do in mine. John feels so strongly that he must do something to help kids fighting cancer and so just like his mama, John will tell anyone and everyone who will listen all about St. Jude.

As for the "kid on the moon blanket," that's what John has called his St. Jude blanket a friend gave him when he was just an infant. Each night, John tucks into his blanket and while saying his bedtime prayers, he prays for all of the kids at St. Jude. He prays for the sick kids, for Jesus to help them get better and he prays for the kids who have gone to heaven, that Jesus will look after them since their mama's and daddies aren't there to do so.

My family would like to invite you to join us in being Partners in Hope. For just $19 a month, you can help St. Jude save the life of a child.  Help us help St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Make a donation by calling 800-372-4999, text "HAWK" to 626262, or donate at this link: