This week, Kelsea Ballerini will become the first country singer to perform on YouTube's Good Mythical Morning, and if this 60-second clip of her appearance is just part of the funny, it's going to be epic.

This YouTube series is a daily morning talk show starring Rhett (mullet) and Link (hat). Ballerini is in bright pink, and she's trying to sing her new single "I Hate Love Songs," but struggling because ... well, she explains:

"I'll always love you but I really hate it when bumpkins take over my song / I was just fine the first time so if you don't mind / You two can just sing along ..."

This episode of Good Mythical Morning will be available on Friday, March 9. The teaser is premiering on Taste of Country and our sister site, the Boot.

Of course it's in good fun and Ballerini knows it, as noted by her inability to finish like she would if she were on tour. "I Hate Love Songs" is the second single from the Unapologetically album, following the chart-topping "Legends."

Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link is an unconventional and innovative talk show that invites guests on for games and off-beat conversation. Now in its 13th season the series has over five billion views on multiple video networks.

Ballerini recorded the show between stops on her Unapologetically Tour, with opening act Walker Hayes. The tour continues through April. Look for her to perform at the ACM Awards on April 15.

Does Kelsea Really Hate Love Songs? 

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