Today is International Women's Day and I thought today would be a good day to take a minute to honor the special women in my life. These are the women who hold my heart. I know you're not used to seeing the serious side of me, but there's no joking about this. These women are my rocks.

Now, I wasn't sure in what order I should do this because I didn’t want any of these women to think she was less important than the other (you know how easy it is to land in the doghouse). I might be shooting myself in the foot because I know you’re not supposed to ever reveal a woman’s age, but I figured the safest thing for me to do would be to list these woman by their age. So here you have it, the top six women in my life.

  • 1

    My Mom, Donna Pitcher

    Not everyone can say that they call their mom, “Masquaw” from the comic strip "Redeye," but I do. My mom was the leader of our Methodist Youth Fellowship (along with my dad) and I remember one time when we were asked what meant love to us. My mom’s answer was, “when my kids call me 'Masquaw.'" The name stuck and I still call her it today. My mom is the woman who instilled the faith of God in me and has always been there for me through the good and the bad.

    Glenn Pitcher
  • 2

    My Sister, Michelle Haight

    My sister, Michelle, was born on my birthday when I was two-years-old and she was my best birthday present I’d ever received up until 2004 (I’ll explain that later). I love that I can talk to Michelle about anything and everything. I love how much she loves life and what a bubbly attitude she has. My sister doesn't eat the ends of her corn on the cob, she saves them for me, and I have the ability to make her bow just by waving my arms. Funny how that works. Seriously though, Michelle sees the good in people...even me and she’s someone that I know I can rely on anytime.

    Michelle Haight
  • 3

    My wife, Dawn Pitcher

    I love that she's my personal snow shoveler, clothes shopper, accountant, and the mother of my children. She also makes a mean meatloaf. But seriously, Dawn loves Jesus and I love how much she loves Him. Dawn also works with women and children in crisis which I know can't be easy. She does it on her own time and dime and has a huge heart for helping those who've found themselves in bad places. Dawn saved me from myself.

    Glenn Pitcher
  • 4

    My Co-Host, Traci Taylor

    Traci is a person who brings me joy in work and in life. She has helped me grow as a Christ follower and is a person that I can go to for life advice. Traci has seen me behind the radio curtain and she likes me anyway. She's helped me to let my true self shine and we have the best conversations, unfortunately, most of them off the air. I've been doing the Hawk Morning Show since 2000 and it is NO coincidence that the best ratings that the morning show has ever had have been since Traci became my partner in 2012.

    Traci Taylor
  • 5

    My Daughter, Riley

    My wife, Dawn, has told me many times that Riley is my mini-me and it’s true. Riley loves sports, she drives like me (that's a good thing, just ask us) and most importantly, she licks her potato chips before she eats them. I’ve watched Riley grow into a young woman who loves babies and is completely selfless. Riley does a lot for others and never asks for anything in return. Soon, Riley will leave to be a nanny in Minnesota and I'm dreading the day she leaves.

    Glenn Pitcher
  • 6

    My daughter, Tara

    The reason that my sister Michelle was only my best birthday present until 2004 is because that year, on my 40th birthday, my daughter Tara was born and I could never, ever ask for a better present. Tara is a performer and not shy about being in the spotlight. Hmm... I'm not sure where she got that from. Tara is wise beyond her years (she definitely didn't get that from me) and is also selfless. She thinks of her friends first and will help out in any way she can. Tara makes me laugh every day and I’ll forever cherish the special conversations we have.

    Glenn Pitcher