Today March 8th is International Women Day, it’s a day to recognize the special women who inspire all of us.

Women have come a long way in the workplace and their impact in the job world continues to grow according to UN Women 50% of women are in the workforce today, compared to 76% of men, but predictions show the genders will even at 50/50 buy the year 2030.

I would like to recognize some of those special women and how they have inspired me personally.

  • My Wife Reni is an amazing woman who overcame tragedies most of us never experience, but she is a Nurse Practitioner in today’s working world, a wonderful mother, grandmother and wife.
  • My daughter Monica, who has always shined in my eyes, she has grown up to be an amazing woman, who has been a manager of financial institutions for many years, a leader among women in today’s job market. and I am without a doubt her biggest fan.
  • My daughters Jessica and Kara for setting goals and not allowing the sometimes-chauvinistic world to keep them from working and achieving their goal, any father would be proud of these beautiful women.
  • My co-worker Mary Beth Walsh, who enter the broadcast field as a general sales person and worked her way up to the top position in our Binghamton radio group, she fought cancer and beat it, she is an amazing person, a true inspiration to all women, and it’s my privilege to work with her every day.


Today I encourage everyone to reach out to the special Women in your life, a text, face book post, phone call, e mail and let them know how they have inspired you.


Happy International Womens Day from all of us at 98.1 the Hawk!

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