I can’t go a week without blogging about online shopping. I just love the convenience and the anticipation that comes with waiting for your package to arrive. It rivals Christmas and your birthday. It gives me the same chills as waiting for my food at a restaurant. I know the steak is cooking and I am ready to eat.

That being said, as we all know, my online shopping addiction is real. I am Amazon Prime’s #1 fan! I almost applied for the credit card, but I thank my heavens I didn’t. I would be flat broke.

Having Amazon Prime on my phone actually makes my life a little harder, especially when a happy hour is involved. A few beers for anyone will have them feeling free spirited, and maybe helps the cash flow a little easier. I have Amazon Primed things at the bar, not very useful things, but some things.

A new study has coined the phrase “Drunk Shopping.” It’s a pretty self-explanatory term in itself. Well, the average American will now spend an average of $448 Drunk Shopping every year! That’s a whole month’s rent!

Last year drunk shoppers only spent an average of $206! So, either Amazon Prime got easier to use or the drinks got tastier.

The only redeeming factor is those number include food. So, the late-night pizza, tacos, cheesesteaks, burgers, and pizza again count towards that $448. To me that food is a necessity.

My next idea is to go on Shark Tank and create a phone lock. Amazon Prime after a few cocktails might be the end of me.

[via Finder]

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