I'll never, ever forget the very first time I heard the sweet sounds of Keith Urban. At the time, I wasn't working for a country radio station, but I had a friend who was.

My friend asked that I make sure to have my car radio turned to his country radio station because he was going to be introducing a new song that he thought I'd want to hear. I was driving down Main Street in Montpelier, Vermont when I heard Urban and "Raining on Sunday" for the first time. Before the song had even finished playing, I'd already turned my car around and found myself driving to the local music store. I HAD to find out what CD that song was on and I HAD to have it that day.

Knowing what a hopeless romantic I am, my friend had no doubt that "Raining on Sunday" would be the song that would make me fall in love with Urban and he was right. It's been nearly 15 years and my love for Urban has only grown. And, whenever it rains on Sunday, I think of that song and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I can't wrap my head around anyone not liking Urban or not wanting to be associated with him, but it's safe to say that his first love isn't feeling the love.

Angie Marquis, a mom of two was in a relationship with Urban for several years in the 80s. They met when they were both 10-years-old and when they were in their early teens, they formed a band and began playing in pubs. Urban's mom, Marienne Urban has described the relationship between Urban and Marquis as a 'typical kids' relationship' which was 'on and off.'  But Marquis felt it was something more and she seems to hold a lot of animosity about how things turned out.

According to Marquis, her 40-year friendship with Urban came to a screeching halt when he married Nicole Kidman in 2006 and now she has regrets about ever being involved with him.

So what happened? Marquis claims Kidman was the one to squash Marquis and Urban's friendship. Marquis told The Daily Mail,  "I think it's Nicole's publicity who are controlling that and get funny about things." Marquis continued, "We wanted to start a photo book about Keith's early days but he wouldn't allow it. Who knows, maybe one day I'll write a book about it."

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