Over the weekend I did one of my favorite things: relax and have fun with old friends. Most of my really good friends are from Pennsylvania where I grew up and went to college. I was invited by one to come down and celebrate his recent engagement to his fiancé. He said would also be attending a party at a nearby club. Little details were given.

I arrive at his house and we catch up a little and eventually go and grab a nice cheesesteak. We then go to the club the party is being had at.

We enter the giant hall where the party is at and the atmosphere is electric. There’s lights, there’s music, and there’s dancing.

I’ve been known to cut a rug back in my day, so I make a mental note to hit up the dance floor later on.

You may be asking why I am telling you about a simple party on a Saturday night. When I was watching people dance I realized a few things. Number one most people can’t dance, but they don’t care.

I was dancing with women who were double my age and they were having the time of their life. They couldn’t have cared less about other people judging them or making fun of their dancing, they just wanted to have fun. They threw care to the wind and just wanted to have a good time.

They made me realize that life is about having fun and not sweating the small things.

So next time, just dance. Even if it does involve some terrible moves.

They do say "Dance like no one is watching."

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