You know how it goes with kids and parents. No matter how old we get, we hear the advice our parents dole out, but rarely do we apply that advice to our lives.

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Sometimes we just need to hear the same thing we’ve heard a million times before from someone else in order for it to sink in. A listener reach out to me recently and asked if I’d be willing to share some advice with her 20-something daughter, things I wish I’d known when I was 20.

The truth is, I knew all of these things but I thought (even though every single woman who went before me didn’t have a clue) that I was perfectly capable of handling myself and my life on my own. Wrong.

Maybe you’re in your 20s and looking for some advice from a stranger who’s walked the road ahead of you. If so, I give you my best pieces of advice. What you do with them is your choice, but I hope you’ll take these words to heart so that someday, you're not 40 and wondering how different your life would be had you listened.

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