Here's some news that made me sad this week. We know that so many businesses in the United States are closing but this one hits close to home...literally. I'm talking about Jones Store in Warren Center, Pa.

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When I was growing up, there were no street signs and one grocery store (Jones Store). My address was PO Box 25 in Warren Center and if I was asked for a physical address, I made it up and said "Star Route."

The post office was in the middle of the store so you could get the mail and a candy bar at one place. It was the place that accidently gave me a scar behind my ear, if you want to hear the story, just ask and I'll tell you.

There are so many Warren Center memories. One year, we had a Pitcher Parade that went from my parents house to Jones' Store. We all grabbed pots and pans and took the long 200 yard walk to the store (of course I went in to get a candy bar) and back.

When I became a dad, whenever we would visit my parents, the trip wasn't complete without me and the kids taking a walk over to the store. Warren Center has always been the place that I would go to get away from it all and that includes Jones' Store.

Today the streets have actual names (Jackson Valley Road), the Post Office has its own building  (just down the road from the Community Building) and the store has changed hands and names a couple of times too.

Jones Store In Warren Center Announces That It Will Close

Carlton Jones owned the store when I was young and with new owners came new names like (Paul) Moran's General Store and  (George) Wagner's General Store. Then the Dewing family bought the store and changed the name back to the original, Jones' Store.

Jones' Store
Jones' Store

On Thursday, February 2nd, Jones' Store had some breaking news that has broken a few hearts including mine.

"I regret to inform y’all that the store will be permanently closing! So many memories at this beautiful place; unfortunately we’re not making enough money to keep it open and have had to let several people go.
We will also be changing our hours starting Monday from 8am- 6pm and will still be open Mon.- Sat. with no definite closing date. We estimate that it will be around the end of February.

It has been so amazing to be part of this popular gathering place in Warren Center and will be sad to see an empty building once full of life."

The store has been around since 1914 and after 100 years of feeding, gassing up and bringing smiles to the residents of the "little town with a big heart", it'll be closing its doors for good. Although it doesn't feel good to me.

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