Have you ever wondered what it's like to be the showrunner for a television show?  Well, Jen Flanz, Binghamton University Class of 1998 has an insider's view and it's on one of TV's most-watched shows.

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Flanz is the executive producer and showrunner for "The Daily Show" and she's played a big part in shaping the comedic brilliance of the Comedy Central hit series.

From Binghamton to "The Daily Show"

Flanz had a tough decision right after graduating from Binghamton University. Two job offers came her way: one to work on a documentary project with Peter Jennings and the other as a production assistant on "The Daily Show."

She picked "The Daily Show" because she felt like the show could become something really big. Little did she know that her decision would begin an amazing 25-year journey with the show.

She began as a production assistant, and her hard work helped her to become the executive producer in 2013 and eventually the showrunner in 2019. Today, she's in charge of over 100 staff members and works with the network on important decisions for the show's future.

“The Daily Show" has won 24 Primetime Emmys and 3 Peabody Awards with Flanz as their leader. The show is the place where many comedians like Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, and John Oliver got their start

Even though her schedule is hectic, Flanz tells Binghamton University that working for “The Daily Show” brings her so much joy and lets her work with very talented people. She enjoys bringing meaningful discussions about the events of the day and writing jokes that make people all over the world laugh.

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