This Wednesday is Valentine's Day! Don't forget to get your significant other a card at minimum. Now, onto the music!

These week on my jams of the week we are featuring some AWESOME and amazingly kick a** female country artists.

Ashley McBryde has been plugging away at the Nashville music scene for years. This jam has been a slow burn for her but it is finally getting some notoriety. When I first heard "A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega" I was immediately hooked. We all have that little dive bar or spot in our home town where we go to meet friends, get through heartbreak, or start a new, and this song captures that. Enjoy!



My love for Maren Morris knows no bounds. I am completely infatuated with how her voice sounds! This morning she revealed her final single from her smash album "Hero" will be "Rich." This song has a great R&B vibe to it AND is super catchy. It samples some old school songs, can you figure out which ones?

I grew up on Shania Twain. When we're moving from Philadelphia to the suburbs my father would play Shania on the entire ride. I know the words to her entire catalog; well most of it. This song instantly puts me in a good mood, and hopefully it will do the same to you!


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