The nice weather is coming. It's April 30th and that means it's going to be May! The summer weather is on its way, and it's time to roll the windows down and turn up The Hawk.

Lauren Alaina far past her American Idol days. She has scored top hits with "Road Less Traveled" and her collaboration with childhood friend Kane Brown, "What If's" is still in high rotation on the radio. "Doin' Fine" is Lauren's latest release explores how someone can persevere when things around them are falling apart. She realizes that even though there is chaos there is light at the end of tunnel.

The follow up to the infectious "Yours" is another earwormy tune from Rusell Dickerson. Dickerson's single "Blue Tacoma" is the the perfect road trip tune just in time for summer. A jam about loving driving down the coast with your significant other and finding happiness with just cruising.

If there is one thing that I associate with nice weather and summertime, it's Kenny Chesney. I am SUPER pumped to see him in concert this summer, and he is the first artist I am going to listen to when I roll my windows down this week.



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