Easter Candy is 50% off but the jams are coming in 100% free! Here's my new music picks of the week getting you over that ham and potato Easter brunch hangover.

Jordan Davis dropped his debut album "Home State" about a week ago, and I personally enjoy the 12 tracks hes put out. The album has a nice mellow vibe resembling the melodic trend in country music. No surprise that his radio hit "Singles You Up" is one of my favorite songs right now, but I dug a little deeper into his new music catalog. "Slow Dance In A Parking Lot" is literally about what the title says. No cares in the world just dancing the night away with the one you love.

Jake Owen released his new single "I Was Jack" a few weeks back and it is climbing the charts. Alongside his new track he gave us some other new music. "Something To Ride To" holds a nice little space in my heart. It's about a man just getting over some heartbreak waiting for the perfect song to come on the radio, the perfect song to drive to, the perfect song to get over someone with. I always judge songs about how great they are to drive to, and now there is a song about my thought process.


One of my good friends sent me this song over the weekend. We are all familiar with the classic version of "How Do I Live" by LeAnn Rimes. but she has released a brand new, re-imagined version that is killer. This will give you chills!

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