We all want to know the key to life. What makes you live longer? How to find happiness? The reality is there is no REAL answer, just a bunch of advice to absorb along the way.

Life is about all the little exciting moments throughout the day. Eating, dancing, even kissing can give us this short little buzz. By experiencing this little buzz moments, we can increase multiple aspects of our health.

These little exciting moments can boost our mental health, emotional health, and even physical health.

Ford conducted a study, which could be bias, about where we can experience these little buzz moments the best. Not surprisingly, the car company said by driving a sports car fast we can improve all aspects of our health.

Ford claims the study was done by real doctors and scientists, and its on the internet, so it must be true.

Here your excuse to buy that convertible or bright pink mustang.

Its good for you! Its also super cool.

[via The Drive]

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