Its honestly the best fried food. Its the most versatile of all the meats. It holds a special place in my heart.

It's friend chicken!

In a new study, 6% of people eat fried chicken every day!

I would assume the study included things like chicken tender and nuggets.

About 49% of Americans eat fried chicken at least one day a week. Why? Because its so dang good.

One of my favorite meals is chicken parmesan. Yes, that is fried chicken in my opinion. Its the perfect combination of sweet sauce, salty cheese, and crunchy, savory chicken.

Fried chicken can come from KFC, Chick-Fil-A (waiting for the Vestal one to open), or my favorite Popeye's.

It can be spicy, Korean style, or southern style. Its one of the world's most versatile food.

Thirty-percent of people eat fried chicken at least once a month, while 22% said they eat fried chicken multiple times a week.

As we celebrate a very American food, the survey found that 79% of people think chicken and waffles is a great combination.

I can't argue with that!

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