We get into my Mom's white van and begin our trek to the middle of Pennsylvania to a small chicken farm. When we arrive on the farm we finally see our little labradoodle for the first time. She is the last puppy to come say hello, but is the only golden pup of the group. She smells our feet, looks at me, and licks my shoe. For the next few hours the newest edition of the Franiak family sleeps in the palm of my hand. I am in love.

That was the day I met the first love of my life. A little fur ball that I thought I would never have. Years and years had passed by of my sister and I begging our parents for a dog. We saw neighbors and friends start getting dogs, and the jealousy grew. Then one say my mom showed us a website full of labradoodles, The fluffy, newborn white-ish yellow canine was going to be ours.

Jay Franiak

We argued for weeks over what to name our newest family member. So much arguing, I developed a contract the entire family had to sign. It said that I would wake up every morning at 6am to walk Meadow. I never did wake up that early, so I guess I have been in breach of contract for the 12 years she has been alive.

Meadow was named after the daughter of Tony Soprano on the Soprano's. Clearly, we were massive fans of the show.

Meadow grew from a 5-pound ball of skin to a 70-pound lap dog in a matter of months. We spoiled her so much she actually thought money was food. She swallowed a few $20 bills that were meant for my lunch in her day.

Jay Franiak

The day I knew Meadow was the best thing that could happen to me was when my Great Grandmother met our little pain. Mom Mom immediately took to Meadow, and since Josephine, Mom Mom, is one of the best people I have ever had the privilege of knowing, I knew Meadow was here to stay.

Meadow didn't just help our family in so many ways, she helped our neighbors too. The people next door to us had an autistic son. With autism speech development can be slowed down extremely. Meadow would walk around our backyard with our neighbor's son all day long. She never judged him and always showed unconditional love for him. I like to believe Meadow gave him the extra push to start talking a little more. They became the best of friend's and our neighbors eventually got their own dog! The more dogs the merrier in my opinion.

Meadow would sleep in my sister and I's bed when we went to college, and still sleeps in my dad's spot in bed even though hes well removed from college.

Meadow has gotten older but is still full of life. She doesn't care that she has an electric fence anymore, and loves to visit the neighbors and say hello.

Jay Franiak

Meadow and I spent a lot of time together when I graduated college and was chasing the dream of getting on the radio. Those three years were the most stressful times of my life. Applying for jobs I knew I was under qualified for, but hoped I would get noticed by applying to them. Every time I would sit at the kitchen table and write a new cover letter, there was Meadow sleeping by my side.

We would go to park and play catch, and I would take the best Instagram photos of her. She helped me get through the stress of chasing a dream. She was always full of love.

I know it sounds crazy, but getting Meadow might be the best thing that has ever happened to me. That's tough to say considering the Eagles won the Super Bowl this year. She is my best friend and companion. She is a little bit older now, but still keeps me young. Her face may be white, but her spirit is still colorful.

So when your children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews beg you for a dog, go get one. They aren't just a pet, they are family.

I love you Meadow.