What's that saying about shaking what your mama gave you? About that.

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If you're someone whose reputation has been questioned or you've been called out for being easy and just can't seem to stay away from situations that put you in a let's say, a compromised situation, you can pretty much blame your parents for all of it.

Back in December of 2010, researchers at Binghamton University released a report that didn't get the attention that it was deserving of and the reason is most likely because while people definitely pointed fingers a decade ago, society was less fast to pass the blame for every single little thing like they are these days.

Can't you literally hear someone say, "I can blame my parents for my inability to keep my clothes on? Oooh, then that's what I'm going to cling to."

When the report was released, Binghamton University Researchers claimed to have found a promiscuity gene and that the gene is passed down from parents to their children. What that means is that if you're easy, your kids probably will be, too.

What's pretty crazy is that in the study, researchers discovered that half of all people with the specific "promiscuity gene" said that they had cheated on their partner. Only 22 percent of people without the gene had actually cheated on their significant other.

The gene isn't called the "promiscuity gene" although it would be pretty neat if it was. The gene is a version of a dopamine receptor gene called DRD4.

Keep in though that sleeping around really isn't cool and neither are sexually transmitted diseases. So, before you let your promiscuity flag fly, think about how your actions might come back to bite you in the future.

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