How could something as tasty and innocent as an ice cream cone have so many problems?  According to Nestle website, the makers of two drumstick products, they are voluntarily recalling their popular ice cream products because they can be contaminated with Listeria

While the products have been removed at most grocery stores and convenience stores in the Southern Tier, you may have these products in your freezer.  Be on the lookout for Drumstick products in a "Variety Pack" of 16 ice cream cones and a "Vanilla Pack" with 24 individually wrapped vanilla ice cream cones (usually found in convenience stores).  Also, look for the "Best Before" dates of June 2017.

The products were produced at a Nestle facility in Bakersfield, California between August 31 and September 17th.

According to the CDC, Listeria infections could cause serious health issues for young children and the elderly, including death and some of the symptoms include diarrhea, fever, muscle aches and in pregnant women, it could cause miscarriage or stillbirth.

"Consumers who have these products should not consume them, and should return it to the place of purchase or contact Nestle Consumer Services for replacement. Consumers can call/text 1-800-681-1676 or email"