Do you like yoga? Do yoga! Do you like to run? Go for it! Bustle, and a new study published in the British Medical Journal says that literally any exercise is better than no exercise... so get moving!

Staying sedentary for over nine hours a day (you know, like if you have a desk job) can hurt your health. So even light physical activity can combat that. You really don't have to run a marathon if you don't want to, you just have to get out of your chair and move around.

Doing chores around the house, like vacuuming or walking the dog can get your heart rate up and count as exercise. This study further reinforces the idea that exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Again, you don't have to move a lot, just more than walking to the water cooler and back to your desk. A little effort and time for your health can really go a long way.

(via Bustle)

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