So here's an odd question to ask: How can the doughnut help to save Christmas this year? The answer at the end. As you know, the Hawk Morning Show loves to learn something new every day and we love doughnuts. So today we are going to combine both.

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Have you ever wondered where the doughnut came from? We have and we can thank The Salvation Army for it. In October 1917, a Salvation Army lassie handed a fresh doughnut to a homesick doughboy in France.

Ever since then the Salvation Army doughnut has stood for loving concern for those in the armed forces. Helen Purviance, an ensign in the Salvation Army, was sent to France to work with the American First Division.

She and a fellow officer, Ensign Margaret Sheldon began making donuts to give to the soldiers. They cheered the doughnuts and soon referred to them as the "doughnut girls," even when they baked apple pies and other treats.

The famous doughnut has stood for loving concern and readiness to help in time of need. So grab a box of doughnuts and if anyone asks you why just tell them you're celebrating the anniversary of the doughnut.

So now that we've learned where the doughnut came from, what does that have to do with saving Christmas? Well as a 103rd-anniversary present, you could become part of The Salvation Army "Rescue Christmas" campaign.

Become a Red Kettle Ringer and become "part of the army behind the Army." That is a gift that will benefit many lives for months to come.

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