The Salvation Army Red Kettles have represented the Christmas season and compassion to those in need around the world since 1890. They are fighting for good and they REALLY NEED YOUR HELP this year.

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For the past several years, it was hard finding volunteers to help ring the bells and because of the pandemic, it has become even more difficult. Because of that and COVID-19, the Salvation Army is getting an early start on its holiday fundraising campaign.

Volunteerism is down but the human need for the Salvation Army has gone way up. Since March, the Salvation Army has provided more than 100 million meals and 1.5 million nights of safe shelter. They are anticipating a 155% increase in need of their services for the upcoming holiday season.

Usually, they start their Red Kettle campaign in late October but this year they started it earlier. They had their kickoff on September 14th (100 days before Christmas) and they are calling their new campaign "Rescue Christmas."

Even though the campaign has already begun, you won't be seeing as many kettles this Christmas season. Most people carry less cash than in the past and more people do their shopping online, so in response, they've started a "Rescue Christmas" virtual kettle.

Last year, the Salvation Army raised $126 million with its Red Kettle campaign but they expect it to be cut in half this year. That isn't going to deter them and they encourage you to go here to donate. You can make a difference with the Salvation Army, not only for Christmas but all the time. 

If you're looking to find your joy as a Red Kettle Ringer, you can become "part of the army behind the Army" and volunteer here.

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