For the past few days I have been running my car for a few minutes just to make sure old red Hyundai doesn’t freeze up on me. I wasn’t aware gas can actually freeze if the tank doesn’t have a certain amount of fuel in it. As I’m sitting in my car I take a look around. I could and have lived out of it. There’s a whole bunch of clothes and drinks just in case.


Leaving certain items in your car during the cold, however, can cost you money.


Do not leave your cell phone in the car during the bitter cold. The bitterness can actually destroy your lithium battery leaving you with a $500 brick.


Also, do not leave any type of canned or carbonated beverage in your car. We all know soda cans aren’t thick and the rapid expansion and shrinking of the can due to the change in heat can cause it to rupture and explode. This will leave you with a nice detailing bill.


Medication should also not be left in your car during the bitter cold. If prescription or over-the-counter drugs hit certain temperatures they can be rendered useless. Expensive and cold prescriptions could leave you with an empty wallet.


I can’t believe I have to say this. BUT DON’T LEAVE YOUR PETS IN THE CAR. I don’t care that they have fur, that doesn’t make them immune to the cold. We put on a jacket and are still cold, it doesn’t mean we should be left in the car!

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