Bob Joseph/WNBF News [file][/caption]It's seems like every time that we listen to the news, we hear a story about a break-in or a robbery. We don't feel safe anywhere. We sometimes wonder if we'll be next and how can we help prevent it from happening.

The Johnson City Police Department is doing there part to stop it and they are using the latest technology to help. It's a video doorbell.

They are teaming up with Ring. Ring is a security tech company and they reached out to the JCPD and offered to give homeowners a discount on the video doorbell.

According to WBNG-TV, a package was stolen off a porch. The doorbell had a video motion detector and it captured the crime as it happened.

They were able to make an arrest after using the video from the doorbell. They were able to identify and arrest the suspect.

Police say that they have proven to help eliminate plenty of home invasion crimes. In some area's there was a 55% reduction of burglaries.

Maybe it can also help to find out whether or not your significant other is having a get together at your home when you're not there. Just saying.

To find out more about the Ring video doorbell, go here.

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