April is World Autism Awareness Month and today (April 2nd) is the 13th annual World Autism Awareness Day. So are you asking yourself, What can I do this year while maintaining the proper social distance?

You can start by wearing blue in support of understanding and acceptance for people with autism. Throughout the country and the world, buildings, homes, and landmarks will go blue in recognition of people living with autism. Find out more about World Autism Awareness Day here.

Everything has been shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic, so many events have been postponed or canceled including the BOCES Oak Tree Celebrity Pasta Dinner scheduled for Thursday, April 30th.

Last year, Tara and I had to miss it because I was being Grand Master G for the night with the Harlem Globetrotters. We were both excited to return to the Broome Tioga BOCES Education Center, 435 Glenwood Road in Binghamton to resume our part as "Celebrity" waiters.

The Johnson City Police Department is having an Autism Awareness T-Shirt sale. All proceeds will be donated to Alive With Autism which is a local non-profit that provides assistance to the local Autism Community. The deadline to order your shirt is this Saturday, April 4th.  Read about it here.

Wearing blue may not seem like much but every journey begins by taking that first step. Join me by wearing blue today.

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