Being a policeman or woman is hard. It's even harder today. They do a lot for us and much of it goes unnoticed....unless we need there help.

They go to places, we wouldn't want to go too. Crime scenes and domestic disputes just to name a few. So I think it's great when we can help them out.

Here's a way that you can not only help them but the dogs that serve with them. The Johnson City police department is asking it's residents to vote online everyday for this cause.

The Johnson City Police Dogs could be getting some help with a 5 thousand dollar grant. The Police Department is hoping to get the grant from a group called "Aftermath" to benefit K9's Cruz and Anouk.

Residents can vote every 24 hours until October 31st.

Aftermath is a crime scene cleanup and bio hazard removal company that also specializes in cleaning scenes of communicable disease, blood, hoarder cleanup and tear gas removal.

Johnson City isn't the only department that could win this grant. There are 15 other departments in our area that are eligible. They include Binghamton, Vestal, Endicott and Owego.

Some people are worried about who to vote for next month but this vote is easy. So if you live in these area's, please vote....and vote everyday. Vote here.

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