You may have heard about the rom-com movie "Runaway Bride" starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. now there's an action movie called "Runaway Duck." It was filmed on location in Endicott and it stars the Endicott Police Department.

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It was Tuesday, May 4th, it was a cloudy day in the village when the EPD was asked to respond to a ducking disturbance near Washington Avenue. Without haste, the officers descended to the area of Wendy's and Celebrations on the Avenue.

Ducklings On The Loose In Endicott

Is it me or does there always seem to be something going on at Wendy's in Endicott? There in the bushes, what could it be? It was none other than some newly hatched ducklings, 1,2,3...okay 11. It almost looked like a game of duck, duck, goose around the bush but there was no gander to be found.

Momma duck wasn't very happy to see the officers and wouldn't cooperate. In fact, she's a runaway duck and still on the loose. They suspected fowl play until they realized that she was tending to an unhatched egg.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Police Officers responded and took the ducklings to a safer location. You are being asked to be careful if you are driving in the area and please don't ruffle her feathers. 

The EPD said that it was a real mother ducking situation. Hopefully, they'll all be reunited soon and they all can live quackily ever after.

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