This kind of feels like a metaphor for America as we seem to be are colliding into all kinds of things. We need to be rescued but we need help from a higher authority.

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Last week, police from Suffolk County came to the rescue of a bald eagle that was on the highway after it had collided with a truck. A good Samaritan woman saw a low-flying bald eagle strike the top of a truck on the highway and called 911.

Highway Patrol Officer Cody Matthews and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) officer Nick Perkins responded. The injured eagle was lying on the road when the officers arrived.

Officer Perkins took custody of the bird, which suffered a broken wing, and will be brought to a rehabilitation facility for treatment. We wish the best for this majestic bird and hope for a full recover.

I'm saying the same thing for this Land of the Free.

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