Most of us have a man that has made a difference. A man that's made your life better because you know him. It could be a teacher, your husband or an uncle. For me, it's my dad or as I call him "Pops."

Today (12/8) is my Dad, Carl "Bugs" Pitcher's 77th birthday and he's been an inspiration to me for my whole life. He's a quiet man with a dry and quick sense of humor. I've been told by those who knew my Grandfather Glenn and know my Dad, that I got my sense humor from both of them.

He was my Little League coach and he taught me to pitch softball. When I started playing adult league softball, he was my catcher. He would let me know if he was displeased with the way I was acting on the pitching mound. He would walk about halfway to the mound and fire the ball to me and say "Straighten Up."

I talk to people that worked with him when he was with Columbia Gas.They all have great things to say about him and ALWAYS share a funny story about something he said or did.

My dad is also making a difference in my daughter, Tara's life. She's deer hunting with my dad again this year. Happy birthday to the mighty deer and bunny hunter. Maybe someone will buy you a rabbit dog that will actually hunt rabbits...No Jack, there is no rabbit up my dad's pant leg.

I've always said that if I could be half the dad for my kids like he was with me, then I've done a good job. He's a man of faith, a leader and a man of integrity who I respect and appreciate. Happy birthday Pops.

Who's the man that's made a difference in your life?


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