We are in the middle of a massive craft brewery and beer boom in New York State. It is not a boom in actual breweries, but a boom in the quality of the product.

Alongside that boom is a new law Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday.

The State Senate announced a bill that would allow the sale of beer and hard cider ice cream. The bill was signed by the Governor and is now officially a law.

The Senate highlighted how the new law will help New Yorkers. It will benefit NYS's craft beer industry, cider producers, and farmers who source local products to these producers.

Wine ice cream has been available in NYS for some time now, and beer and cider will soon join the lineup.

The law will limit the amount of alcohol by volume to no more than 5%. No one under the age of 21 will be able to purchase these products according to the law. Products containing alcohol will also need to be clearly labeled that the product does contain the substance.

This is AMAZING news! Mostly because Beer Tree has a Pineapple Creamsicle beer that will be amazing frozen!

[via WGRZ]

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