NO ONE saw this coming as Arizona and Texas will play in the 2023 World Series. It's the first time for the Diamondbacks since 2001 when they defeated New York in seven games. Yankee fans are still having a hard time getting past that one for many reasons.

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Most New York baseball fans will have NO INTEREST in watching that series, so here's something else to ponder. Did you know the guy who made the phrase "F-bomb" popular was none other than New York Mets catcher Gary Carter?

It's 1988, and Carter is being interviewed by "Newsday." He starts talking about an incident in a game where an umpire tossed him out for using the notorious F-word. But instead of saying it outright Carter referred to it as an "F-bomb." Boom!

Carter was telling the story about a frustrating moment on the field and probably wanted to keep it PG for the interview. But little did he know that he was about to change that word game forever.

New York Mets Player Responsible For The Term "F-Bomb"

After his now iconic interview the term "F-bomb" spread like wildfire. It quickly became a way for people to talk about dropping the F-word without you know actually saying it. Because sometimes you need a tamer version of the word to keep things polite.

It didn't take long until sports commentators, journalists, and even everyday people were casually dropping "F-bomb" into their conversations. It captured the explosive meaning of the word in a more socially acceptable way. Talk about turning a curse into a clever play on words!

So next time you find yourself saying "F-bomb" instead of the full-blown word think about Gary Carter, that legendary New York Mets catcher who changed how we talk about the good ol' four-letter word.

Now you can go back to ignoring the World Series and discussing who you think should be managing the New York baseball teams next season.

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