When former New York Yankee Derek Jeter purchased a 50,000-square-foot castle compound in Greenwood, New York, many people rolled their eyes at the magnitude of it all.
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However, the compound wasn’t just over the top and presumptuous – it was a place that held special meaning for Jeter.

Jeter’s grandfather, Sonny Connors, was the adopted son of John and Julia Tiedemann, who purchased the castle compound in 1952 and raised Jeter’s grandfather there.

So, while a castle is a bit much, Jeter purchased the property in 2003 for $425,000 and restored it to bring it back to the glory it held when his grandfather was a boy.

Listed by Diane Mitchell of Wright Bros. Real Estate, the property is truly remarkable with a 6-foot stone wall, a 9,000 square-foot main house that has 24 rooms, a 2,000 square-foot lakefront guest house, and a 1,500 square-foot infinity pool.

There are five kitchens (!!), 700 feet of shoreline, garden areas, and entertaining areas – this property in and of itself is a total conversation piece. And we can’t forget to mention the icing on the conversation cake - a Statue of Liberty replica.

Jeter placed his waterfront Statute of Liberty boasting castle on the market way back in 2018 and hoped to sell the place for 15 million but there were no buyers and now, Derek Jeter’s ostentatiously massive compound is going to auction.

The auction is being hosted by Paramount Realty and the opening bid starts at $6,500,000.

Inside Derek Jeter's New York Castle Compound

Former New York Yankee Derek Jeter placed his spectacular New York castle compound on the auction block after several years of being listed for sale with no buyers. Take a look inside!

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